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Welcome to Big Foot Market, where our passion is to bring you the finest, locally sourced ingredients straight from the bountiful farms and artisans of Wisconsin. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and each delightful bite carries the rich flavors and traditions of the region, inviting you on a remarkable culinary expedition that truly captures the essence of our heartland.


At Big Foot Market, we proudly honor the enduring legacy of Chief Big Foot, a revered figure from the Potawatomi, a peace-loving tribe that thrived for centuries along the serene shores of the lake. Rooted in the history of this land, the Potawatomi people sustained themselves through the art of fishing and hunting, their ancient traditions interwoven with the very landscape that surrounds our market.

Embracing History, Savoring Tradition

As you step into Big Foot Market, you embark on a journey that not only celebrates exceptional flavors and locally sourced ingredients but also pays homage to the profound history of the land we call home. Through each culinary experience, we strive to keep the spirit of Chief Big Foot alive, ensuring that the stories of the past are cherished and shared with every visitor who walks through our doors. Welcome to Big Foot Market, where tradition and heritage flourish, and the echoes of Chief Big Foot resonate with every encounter.

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